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End-to-End Change Manager Foundations Certificate Program


2-day live online instructor-led training to provide an overview of the End-to-End Change Framework and the role of a Change Manager to lead effective change by putting your people first and at the centre of the change.

  • Training and certification exam included.

  • Introduction to implementing the Framework to real-life change management project scenarios.

  • Learn from experienced change practitioners with over 10+ years of industry experience.

  • Includes digital materials and handouts. 

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You'll learn how to dive into your stakeholders minds.

Our five key components of end-to-end change management ensure you understand your stakeholder's needs and meet your people where they are

We're all about practical and pragmatic change management.You'll learn hands-on skills to hit the ground running and create epic impact as a Change Manager and keep your stakeholders satisfied.

Course Overview

Get ready to fast-track your growth and ability to deliver change effectively. In End-to-End Change Manager Foundations Certificate (E2E CMF) Program you will learn how to deliver change in a people-centric way by following a clear, repeatable process, that you can customise to your change, project and organisation.

You will walk away with practical knowledge and a pragmatic approach that will help you grow as a change practitioner. You'll learn the End-to-End Change Framework and explore the roles, artefacts and activities in end-to-end change management and how to be an effective Change Manager who can dive into their stakeholder's minds and use stakeholder insights to drive the change forward effectively.

This is an engaging, interactive and practical course. You will learn through real-world examples from a passionate instructor with over 10+ years of industry experience. Learn change management fundamentals and how to operate within an ambiguous and complex environment.

Learn the practical side of end-to-end change management and what it takes to lead change effectively and support a change project. Hands-on experience through interactive exercises will provide you with knowledge, tools and techniques to implement immediately. Once you complete the course, you will have everything you need to take and pass the E2E CMF exam.


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7am Perth | 10am Sydney | 12pm Auckland

$1,200 AUD includes GST
Training Details

All Delta Mash courses follow key learning objectives to ensure you receive an exceptional training experience. 

Learning Objectives

  • Change management fundamentals and how to operate within an ambiguous and complex environment.
  • Explore the roles, artefacts and activities of the End-to-End Change Framework.
  • Identify and utilise change data to inform your change approach.
  • Understand resistance to change and strategies for managing resistance.
  • How to leverage the role of leaders in driving and supporting change.
  • Understand strategies to build relationships to create an environment for high engagement and drive change buy-in.
  • Real change management project examples from an instructor with 10+ years of experience.


Who should attend?

No matter your level of change management experience, we encourage and welcome anyone to attend Delta Mash's End-to-End Change Manager Foundations Certificate Program. This course is highly beneficial for anyone driving and supporting change within an organisation or interacting with change management teams. 

Course Prerequisites

The course has no official prerequisites.

Training Takeaways

  • A virtual, two-day immersive learning experience facilitated by a highly respected Delta Mash Trainer.
  • Lifetime access to supporting course material.
  • Registration for the E2E CMF online assessment.


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Program Benefits

Learn End-To-End Change Management Activities

Experience end-to-end change management in practice through interactive exercises with an instructor with over 10+ years of change management industry experience. Learn the practical methodology, activities and terminology of change management.

Increase Your Impact and Accelerate Your Career

Learn the foundation skills to excel in leading your own change project and support your team and organisation to meet their strategic objectives. You will learn the exact framework to lead end-to-end change effectively and the reasoning behind each step.

Grow Your Practical Change Management Skills

Gain access to proven change management tools and methodologies and learn practical and pragmatic skills such as change impact analysis and communication and engagement planning to hit the ground running in your change project.

What You'll Learn in Foundations

Module 1: The Need to Be People-Focused

Explore the history of change management and key change management principles (in a pragmatic way). Learn how to adapt to the mindset of a Change Manager and understand the benefits change management brings to organisations (and how to articulate this to your stakeholders and team).

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Module 2: Change Manager Role and Activities

Understand the role, responsibilities and activities of an effective Change Manager. Understand other key roles in change management (including the role of leaders in change) and how to support and leverage these roles. Learn how to meet your stakeholders where they are, put your people at the centre of the change and what change management activities are required to effectively support your organisation and key stakeholders.

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Module 3: End-to-End Change Management Framework Overview

Dive into what needs to happen in end-to-end change management and common organisational challenges. Uncover an overview of the End-to-End Change Management Framework, the activities, artefacts and deliverables critical to change success. 

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Module 4: Change Management In Action

You will put what you have learnt into action to implement the Framework and explore real-world examples of what's required to achieve successful change. You will understand Change Management challenges at all levels of the organisation and how to anticipate these and explore pragmatic solutions.

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Upcoming Courses

Change Management Training & Certification


End-to-End Change Manager Foundations Certificate Program

When: March 30 - 31, 2023 at 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM AEDT 

Certification: 2 days + exam

Location: Live online 

Trainer: Jane Waterson 

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End-to-End Change Manager Foundations Certificate Program

When: April 18 - 19, 2023 at 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM AEST

Certification: 2 days + exam

Location: Live online 

Trainer: Jane Waterson 

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Important Information


You will be sent specific instructions regarding the course onboarding process in the week leading up to the course.

What Next?

1. You will receive an email confirmation of your booking from Delta Mash after you complete your payment.

2. 7 Days prior to your course you will receive detailed course onboarding instructions via email.

3. Complete all the activities and technology checks outlined in the email prior to the course commencing.

4. Attend your course, complete your certification exam and have fun!

After the Course

Once you become a Delta Mash Certified End-to-End Change Manager, you will:

Receive your Delta Mash Badge

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