Imagine if... knew what change activities should happen when and could explain WHY

... you could remove self-doubt and feel confident leading change from day 1 were able to lead end-to-end change effectively and explain the process could communicate your value and expertise to your team and hiring managers, and get paid what you deserve were showing up every day as a change leader, influencing senior leadership and reducing resistance were able to make a difference and help people experiencing change 

... you were able to become a highly influential GO-TO expert in change management 


Want to make this your reality?

Change Manager Accelerator is your blueprint to achieve all of this, and more.



Change Manager Accelerator

Your blueprint to help you build impactful change strategies and plans and feel confident leading change from Day 1

Change Manager Accelerator (CMA) is a 10 week, step-by-step course that provides you with the practical change management skills to lead end-to-end change with confidence. 

Regardless of your experience in change, knowledge of change methodology or change process... Change Manager Accelerator is here to help you learn the practical change management processes, structure and activities to lead change with confidence and create impactful change strategies and plans (in just 10 weeks!)... All without being an expert in a single methodology or spending years developing these skills. 

When you join, you'll be immersed in a supportive community of other students who are here to grow, learn, develop and contribute. You start CMA as a student... but you finish as a LEADER.

You'll learn absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know (developing a strong change vision, change impact assessments, comms and engagement plans, writing key messages, leader-led change, change implementation plans, change readiness, user adoption, how to be strategic, senior leader engagement strategies, resistance management and influencing skills, and more) through our detailed 8-week curriculum.

Each week, you'll learn a key component to change strategy and plan development - and by the end of the 10 weeks, you'll have all the tools and knowledge to develop and execute your own impactful change strategy and plan with ease and rinse and repeat this on your change projects right now, and into the future.

And if you run into any questions or feel 'stuck', we've got you. 

Inside CMA, you will gain access to UNLIMITED messaging support inside our support Slack community, and weekly group coaching video calls with Jane Waterson, your Change Management Coach and Mentor to help you troubleshoot, gain clarity and make progress in your change practice. 

Everyone who has completed Change Manager Accelerator has had incredible results and feels so empowered knowing they have all the tools in their toolkit to problem solve and improve any situation they find themselves in as they are leading change in their organisation.

Change Manager Accelerator WILL be the best decision you have made for your change career. Watch and read the stories on this page to see for yourself.


CMA Empowers Change Managers

CMA works for experienced change analysts and change managers, and also those new to the change management world, those lacking confidence and needing practical change management skills, processes and structure to hit the ground running on Day 1.


Student Spotlight

Ram Pattabiraman, Change Manager

Ten years ago, after many roles in Sales, Project Management and Operations, I realised my true calling was to shift into change and transformation. I approached it thinking “with my experience, I should be sought after and easily find a role that pays well and within a large organisation”.

I applied for many roles and did not even land one interview. I lost my confidence and started to seek out projects on my own as a Management Consultant.

I landed a few projects through my network and was not satisfied with the income I was earning and also started to realise I was missing something – the practical skills and confidence required to succeed in interviews and on the job as a change practitioner.

When I heard Jane speak on a webinar, I instinctively knew and felt that I should make contact with Jane.

So - I booked a coaching discovery call with Jane where she listened and acknowledged my experience and explored what I was looking for in my career. The focus point for me was a role exclusively within change.

She carefully did a comprehensive skills audit and proposed a Change Manager Accelerator coaching program in line with my goals. We set up a series of practical change management skills and activities coaching sessions to learn to build out my customised change strategy and plan with the goal of being in a change management role in 90 days.

Once we completed the Change Manager Accelerator program, I opted for an additional 1:1 CV review session and interview preparation session with Jane to help me apply for and target the right change roles. I started applying for roles, and I was inundated with calls from recruiters and companies! I had 12 interviews in 2 weeks and 4 Job offers in 2 weeks. I picked the best-suited role and started my new role less than 90 days after commencing Jane’s program.

I would highly recommend the Change Manager Accelerator program to anyone who is looking to get into their first change role, or for someone who has the experience and wants to increase their practical change management skills, or for someone who cannot sufficiently articulate their skills and competencies and wants to build their confidence.

The program is conducted as a sprint and Jane supports you every step of the way and matches your level of commitment to take the next step in your change management career. I am so happy I took the step to join Change Manager Accelerator.


Is This You?

You're in change (or wanting to get into change) but missing the practical end to end change management skills

 You don't just want a certification for your CV, you want to learn how to truly lead change

You want to confidently talk about your transferrable skills in interviews to land your dream change management role (and be successful when you get there)

You want to be an expert at change management, an authority who leadership trust for advice

You want to earn the salary you deserve, and be sought after for change management roles 

You want to know the process, structure and approach to deliver change effectively 

You want to feel confident to hit the ground running on DAY 1


If the statements above describe YOU...

Change Manager Accelerator is the perfect solution for you.


How Does It Work?


No more guessing and wondering if you’re doing the right things - simply follow our step-by-step change management blueprint, work hard, ask questions, and watch the magic happen.


We hold group coaching calls every week to give customised, in-depth coaching anytime you need it. Daily support is also available anytime you post your questions in our private student Slack group.


When you join CMA, you’ll be given access to 9 modules of curriculum. It’s dripped out week-by-week, so you have time to learn & implement before going onto the next step.


When you join CMA, you’re given lifetime access to the curriculum and ALL future program updates. Even after the 8 weeks of community support, the educational modules & resources will be here for you during every step of your journey.


When you join CMA, your coach will track your progress, help you get un-stuck, and be there to hold you accountable EVERY single week.


Being a change manager can be lonely. But when you join the CMA family, you’ll be warmly welcomed into an active community of other like-minded change managers who you can connect & mastermind with. You’ll be inspired, motivated, held accountable… and you’ll create a network for life.


Change Manager 




Every student starts by completing Change Management Competency Profile to understand their current skill set against key change management competencies and set goals. Then, over the course of 10 weeks, we'll cover 9 modules. You'll watch video lessons and dive into homework items to complete with your case study project - or real work project!

Then you'll jump into our private community messaging channel to ask questions and celebrate your key learnings and wins. PLUS you can submit your homework items to Jane and receive feedback within 48hours so you never have to feel stuck again! Each student finishes the program with a final 1:1 coaching session with Jane to create an action plan to keep kicking goals after CMA.


Module 1: Change Step-Up, Structure, Planning

Learn how to maximise your time inside CMA and build skills faster. In Module 1, we break down the entire process of end-to-end change strategy and plan development and what's required to deliver effective change. You'll understand the change management process and gain clarity on what to focus on to deliver effective change. After Module 1 you will have a clear understanding of the process to build a change strategy and plan that creates epic impact.

Module 2: Programming Your Change Leadership Mindset

In Module 2 we dive into your change leadership mindset to take your career to the NEXT LEVEL (in a good way!). Learn common change management mindset roadblocks and how to shift past these to lead yourself, your team and organisation through change - with confidence. You'll learn what it means to 'be strategic' and how to maximise your opportunities to confidently think strategically and troubleshoot change challenges on the spot. You’ll learn how to become the ‘ideal’ change manager – hands-on & strategic.

Module 3: Crafting Your Change Vision

We’re going to start Module 3 by learning how to create a strong vision statement to anchor & sell your change. You learn how to conduct effective stakeholder interviews that build strong & strategic change relationships and bring your stakeholders on the journey at the same time. You’ll learn what change insights and information to collect to inform your strategy & plan, and how to use this to remove roadblocks and risks early.

Module 4: Strategic Engagement

In Module 4 you’ll learn skills to manage resistance and influence stakeholders. You’ll learn how to identify key change roles and create a customised approach to leader-led change that empowers leaders to lead without feeling pushy. You learn how to assess stakeholders and use this information to drive the change forward. We cover key senior leader engagement strategies to help you build credibility, provide the right level of information and to gain access to teams to drive the change forward.

Module 5: Assessing Change Impacts and Risks

Learn how to expertly conduct change impact analysis where you dive into your stakeholder’s brains to truly uncover how they will be impacted by the changes with ease. Learn different types of impacts to consider that go deeper than just typical ‘people, process, technology’ impacts. Learn how to conduct effective change impact analysis (detailed, high-level, and heat map) that provides actionable insights to inform your change implementation plan. You’ll learn how to assess change risks, and we uncover common change risks and how to solve them.

Module 6: Comms and Engagement Approach

Get ready to become a comms GURU! You will learn to build a communication and engagement approach that cuts through the noise and targets the right audiences using the right channels. You’ll learn how to write impactful key messages for your change with ease. Then, you’ll learn how to communicate them effectively with the Change Messaging Framework and write project key messages and ensure you are bringing each stakeholder group on the journey in a way that drives action in line with your change approach.

Module 7: Change Implementation Plan

Learn how to build a customised and effective change implementation plan to lead your stakeholders and impacted groups seamlessly through the change and get from A to B. Plan activities to bring them on the journey, remove resistance roadblocks, and build change buy-in. Use your change implementation plan as a business transition plan to track and monitor the execution of change activities. 

Module 8: Assess Change Readiness

You’ll learn how to develop a customised approach to assessing change readiness using qualitative and quantitative metrics. You’ll ensure your stakeholders are ready to go live by establishing readiness checkpoints. You’ll learn how to troubleshoot low readiness results and how to fix this.

Module 9: Increase User Adoption

You’ll learn how to coach your team, organisation (and yourself!) on change success by establishing user adoption metrics and learning how to measure adoption. Develop your customised approach to track, measure and increase adoption for your change. Learn techniques to troubleshoot low adoption to embed change and really make it stick! If you ever had someone say ‘change is just comms and training’, you’ll learn how to use metrics oh-so effectively, that that stops TODAY.

Join Now!

Do I Qualify For CMA?


✅ You are an experienced change analyst or change manager and you want to gain confidence in delivering change on a strategic level to take a step up in your career

✅ Or maybe you're new to change management and you want to upskill in practical change management processes, structure, and activities to feel confident to land your next change role

✅ You want to feel confident and empowered to lead change from Day 1, like nothing is holding you back from being successful

✅ You want to be seen as a credible and knowledgable change management lead by senior leaders

✅ You're ready to have greater confidence in articulating your value as a change manager, and communicate this to stakeholders and senior leaders

✅ You're ready to commit to an amazing program and meet other change practitioners

If one or ALL of these resonate with you...

Change Manager Accelerator is your next step, it's time to take control. 


❌ You aren't willing to put the effort in to learn impactful change management skills and strategies

❌ You are unwilling to look at what existing practices or limiting beliefs are stopping you from leading change effectively

❌ You are not interested in self-development

❌ You are only wanting theoretical methodology and are not willing to listen to proven strategies, processes, practices and mindset shifts that are used to deliver change on the job (we cover some high-level methodology but CMA teaches you practical change management skills)

❌ You're don't have the time to commit to improving your change management skills, watch the videos and contribute to the group


Join The Next Group Round Of CMA starting end of March 2023 & Secure Your Spot Today

Date to be announced early 2023. The weekly group coaching call times will either be Tuesday or Thursday 7am or 5:30pm ACST, and will be determined closer to the date.

You will receive:

  • Change Management Competency Assessment to understand skill gaps, learning areas and set goals
  • 9 online curriculum modules (lifetime access) to learn how to build an effective change strategy and plan
  • 1x weekly LIVE group Coaching Q&A call (9 calls total, all calls recorded)
  • Final 1:1 coaching session with Jane to ask questions & create action plan to keep kicking goals after CMA
  • Unlimited access to message support by posting in our private Slack group (10 weeks of unlimited messaging support, Mon-Fri)
  • Individual feedback on homework items delivered as written and/or video recordings
  • Inclusive of all tools, templates and completed examples
  • Access to an incredibly supportive student community of change practitioners

Sign up before 30 December 2022 to receive your CV review and feedback session to 10x your CV and GET NOTICED valued at $400!!!


Join Now

Hi, I'm Jane!


As a change management coach & mentor, I am an expert in helping you increase your practical change management skills and confidence. 

I help make complex change methodology and activities easy and straightforward. I help you get unstuck by teaching you not just WHAT you need to do, but exactly WHY and HOW so you feel confident executing and leading change management by yourself again and again.

As an experienced change and transformation practitioner, I've been there and done that working with organisations all across Asia Pacific to implement and lead change. From technology projects to relocations, compliance projects to organisation restructures, I've been there.

I started my career as a solo-change analyst with little to no support. Since then I have been committed to finding the fastest and simplest way to learn change management, and understanding what's required to feel confident leading change at your organisation. 

I have spent the last 5 years coaching and mentoring change practitioners. Taking everything I know about learning change management (and what the most important & impactful aspects to learn are) skills, techniques and strategies to create Change Manager Accelerator to give you everything you need to skyrocket your impact, with confidence.

I went from being confused and lacking confidence to being an expert in change management delivery and leadership 


In just two years I quadrupled my salary

I was creating change strategies and plans with confidence

I was leading end-to-end change management

I started working on national transformation projects

I was confident & able to troubleshoot change-related challenges

I was confident to engage with stakeholders & senior leaders and advise them on change delivery

All by focusing on the practical strategies, techniques and processes

which allowed me to 10X my confidence to deliver highly impactful change


$3520.00 AUD


✔ Full CMA Program to take your change practice to the next level



$1173.33 AUD


✔ Full CMA Program to take your change practice to the next level