A 10-week change management mentorship program where you will learn how to think, act and strategise like an expert change manager.

Increase your confidence and learn what change activities to do and when.


What our students say about Change Manager Accelerator (CMA)



As I recently made a career move into change management, CMA came along at the right time to help me understand 'why' I needed to fill out all those change templates, and 'how' to conduct change activities effectively in my role. Not only did the course provide me this through the engaging and thorough online material, but Jane was such an encouraging and knowledgeable facilitator of the course! She listened and provided spot-on advice during the coaching sessions, which I was able to take back into my workplace to help me plan and conduct my change activities, much more effectively. As a result of doing the course, I feel much more confident in my new role.

Trudy Green, Change Analyst

When I initially started I was unsure of where I stood, and what needed to be done, and I needed a good framework for understanding the different stages of change. My confidence has grown over the last few weeks and months and it’s really useful to have the resources to fall back to as a benchmark of what things should look like, and how the sequencing of change activities goes. It’s been really helpful!

Lynette Leong, Change Manager


One of the reasons why I joined CMA was because I didn’t feel confident about my knowledge of change management. I had worked on a number of projects but I still wasn’t confident. Now I feel a lot more confident and the current project I’m working on has pushed me to my limits which is good for me.

I also didn’t have an end-to-end view of change management, I’d only seen it on paper. But now I can actually implement it better than before. My confidence level has increased, and I feel more comfortable facing some very senior managers without being afraid.

Joel Bifarin, Change Analyst

I joined CMA a few months ago and I'm really glad I did. It was a really steep learning curve especially for me learning all the new terminology but Jane supported me throughout and so did my peers. They all had quite extensive experience in the change industry and it was great to hear their current work updates and problems that they would share with us, I learnt a lot from them as well. I also did a stakeholder mock interview and lots of homework along the way that Jane gave me great feedback on. Since the end of CMA Jane has helped me update my CV and I am now feeling much more prepared for a potential move into the change industry in the future.

Jo Roberts, Change Agent

Student Spotlight

Ram Pattabiraman, Change Manager

Ten years ago, after many roles in Sales, Project Management and Operations, I realised my true calling was to shift into change and transformation. I approached it thinking “with my experience, I should be sought after and easily find a role that pays well and within a large organisation”.

I applied for many roles and did not even land one interview. I lost my confidence and started to seek out projects on my own as a Management Consultant.

I landed a few projects through my network and was not satisfied with the income I was earning and also started to realise I was missing something – the practical skills and confidence required to succeed in interviews and on the job as a change practitioner.

When I heard Jane speak on a webinar, I instinctively knew and felt that I should make contact with Jane.

So - I booked a coaching discovery call with Jane where she listened and acknowledged my experience and explored what I was looking for in my career. The focus point for me was a role exclusively within change.

She carefully did a comprehensive skills audit and proposed a Change Manager Accelerator coaching program in line with my goals. We set up a series of practical change management skills and activities coaching sessions to learn to build out my customised change strategy and plan with the goal of being in a change management role in 90 days.

Once we completed the Change Manager Accelerator program, I opted for an additional 1:1 CV review session and interview preparation session with Jane to help me apply for and target the right change roles. I started applying for roles, and I was inundated with calls from recruiters and companies! I had 12 interviews in 2 weeks and 4 Job offers in 2 weeks. I picked the best-suited role and started my new role less than 90 days after commencing Jane’s program.

I would highly recommend the Change Manager Accelerator program to anyone who is looking to get into their first change role, or for someone who has the experience and wants to increase their practical change management skills, or for someone who cannot sufficiently articulate their skills and competencies and wants to build their confidence.

The program is conducted as a sprint and Jane supports you every step of the way and matches your level of commitment to take the next step in your change management career. I am so happy I took the step to join Change Manager Accelerator.


How CMA works

  • Every student starts by completing Change Management Competency Profile to understand their current skill set against key change management competencies and set goals.

  • Then, over the course of 10 weeks, we'll cover 9 modules where you will learn end-to-end change management and how to build your change strategy and plan. You'll watch video lessons and dive into homework items to complete for your case study project - or real work project!

  • You'll jump into our private community messaging channel to ask questions and celebrate your key learnings and wins.

  • We'll meet in a small mentorship group weekly over Zoom for 1.5 hours where Jane will answer your change management questions, help you troubleshoot and get unstuck, share other gold nuggets of change management wisdom, and you will mingle like a pringle with your peers and get involved in weekly peer-to-peer change management activities and discussion topics.

  • PLUS you can submit your optional homework items to Jane and receive personalised 1:1 feedback so you never have to feel stuck again!

  • Each student finishes the program with a final 1:1 coaching session with Jane to answer any further questions or overcome mindset roadblocks and then create an action plan to keep kicking goals after CMA.



  • You're in change but missing the practical end-to-end change management skills and unsure of the sequencing of activities or what should happen when
  • You want to learn how to think, act and strategise like an expert change manager
  • Your instincts are there, but you struggle to feel confident to act on them and it's holding you back
  • You want to land your dream change management role (and be successful when you get there) but you're not sure how to get there of what it will take (e.g. change analyst to CM, CM to senior CM)
  • You want to be an expert at change management, an authority who leadership trust for advice
  • You want to earn the salary you deserve, and be sought after for change management roles
  • You want to know the process, structure and approach to delivering change effectively
  • You want to feel confident to hit the ground running on DAY 1 (and literally every day after this)


If the statements above describe YOU...

Change Manager Accelerator is the perfect solution for you.

What You Will Learn


Module 1: Change Step-Up, Structure, Planning
Learn how to maximise your time inside CMA and build skills faster. In Module 1, we break down the entire process of end-to-end change strategy and plan development and what's required to deliver effective change. You'll understand the change management process and gain clarity on what to focus on to deliver effective change. After Module 1 you will have a clear understanding of the process to build a change strategy and plan that creates epic impact.

Module 2: Programming Your Change Leadership Mindset
In Module 2 we dive into your change leadership mindset to take your career to the NEXT LEVEL (in a good way!). Learn common change management mindset roadblocks and how to shift past these to lead yourself, your team and organisation through change - with confidence. You'll learn what it means to 'be strategic' and how to maximise your opportunities to confidently think strategically and troubleshoot change challenges on the spot. You’ll learn how to become the ‘ideal’ change manager – hands-on & strategic.

Module 3: Crafting Your Change Vision
We’re going to start Module 3 by learning how to create a strong vision statement to anchor & sell your change. You learn how to conduct effective stakeholder interviews that build strong & strategic change relationships and bring your stakeholders on the journey at the same time. You’ll learn what change insights and information to collect to inform your strategy & plan, and how to use this to remove roadblocks and risks early.

Module 4: Strategic Engagement
In Module 4 you’ll learn skills to manage resistance and influence stakeholders. You’ll learn how to identify key change roles and create a customised approach to leader-led change that empowers leaders to lead without feeling pushy. You learn how to assess stakeholders and use this information to drive the change forward. We cover key senior leader engagement strategies to help you build credibility, provide the right level of information and to gain access to teams to drive the change forward.

Module 5: Assessing Change Impacts and Risks
Learn how to expertly conduct change impact analysis where you dive into your stakeholder’s brains to truly uncover how they will be impacted by the changes with ease. Learn different types of impacts to consider that go deeper than just typical ‘people, process, technology’ impacts. Learn how to conduct effective change impact analysis (detailed, high-level, and heat map) that provides actionable insights to inform your change implementation plan. You’ll learn how to assess change risks, and we uncover common change risks and how to solve them.

Module 6: Comms and Engagement Approach
Get ready to become a comms GURU! You will learn to build a communication and engagement approach that cuts through the noise and targets the right audiences using the right channels. You’ll learn how to write impactful key messages for your change with ease. Then, you’ll learn how to communicate them effectively with the Change Messaging Framework and write project key messages and ensure you are bringing each stakeholder group on the journey in a way that drives action in line with your change approach.

Module 7: Change Implementation Plan
Learn how to build a customised and effective change implementation plan to lead your stakeholders and impacted groups seamlessly through the change and get from A to B. Plan activities to bring them on the journey, remove resistance roadblocks, and build change buy-in. Use your change implementation plan as a business transition plan to track and monitor the execution of change activities.

Module 8: Assess Change Readiness
You’ll learn how to develop a customised approach to assessing change readiness using qualitative and quantitative metrics. You’ll ensure your stakeholders are ready to go live by establishing readiness checkpoints. You’ll learn how to troubleshoot low readiness results and how to fix this.

Module 9: Increase User Adoption
You’ll learn how to coach your team, organisation (and yourself!) on change success by establishing user adoption metrics and learning how to measure adoption. Develop your customised approach to track, measure and increase adoption for your change. Learn techniques to troubleshoot low adoption to embed change and really make it stick! If you ever had someone say ‘change is just comms and training’, you’ll learn how to use metrics oh-so effectively, that that stops TODAY.


You will receive:

  • Change Management Competency Profile to understand skill gaps, growth areas and set goals
  • 9 online curriculum modules (lifetime access) to learn the end-to-end approach of creating and implementing an effective change strategy and plan
  • Weekly LIVE group Coaching Q&A calls (9 calls total, all calls recorded) 
  • Final 1:1 coaching session with Jane to ask questions & create action plan to keep kicking goals after CMA
  • Unlimited access to message support by posting in our private Slack group (10 weeks of unlimited messaging support, Mon-Fri)
  • Individual feedback on homework items delivered as written and/or video recordings
  • Inclusive of all tools, templates and completed examples for personal use
  • Access to an incredibly supportive student community of change practitioners

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