$195.00 AUD Inc GST

Change Champion Networks Training Course

Tues, 31 January, 10:00am - 1:30pm AEST | Live Online via Zoom

Establishing effective Change Champion Networks will allow you to deliver highly impactful change that is spread across an organisation, region or globally. It can be tricky to know how to plan and lead these networks, I'll show you how!

About the event

Within a couple of hours you will learn how to plan an effective change champion network to help lead your organisation through change. Learn how to create the right structure, set-up, engage leaders and team, and kick off your change champion network. 

We will cover common pitfalls and challenges and how to avoid them.

What will you learn?

1 - PLAN - Different options for set-up, structure and planning to establish your network and set it up for success, learn what skills and attributes to look for in champions, how to use your network to deliver large-scale change.

2 - ENGAGE - Learn how to engage leaders of teams effectively, how to create your Terms of Reference, request access to teams, set expectations about the roles and responsibilities of champions with leaders.

3 - KICK OFF - We cover kick-off and facilitation. Who, how, when. What makes an effective change champion kick off session, setting expectations with your champions on their role in change.

4 - SUSTAIN - You'll learn how to use your change champion network to disseminate information and drive the change forward. What to do when your network is disengaged and you need to increase engagement. Common challenges and pitfalls and how to avoid them to maximise the impact of your network to deliver large-scale change.

You will also walk away with support materials and a copy of the presentation slides to help you plan your next network!

If you are unable to attend the live session, you will get access to the recording for a limited time.