Hello, I'm Jane Waterson

Founder and Director of Change Management at Delta Mash

⚡ Early in my career, I started work as a change analyst on a large-scale multi-million dollar transformation. Fast forward 10 years, and I look back on a career where I have led change teams on multi-million dollar implementations and transformations across many industries around the world.

⚡ From national digital transformation programs to relocation, finance, technology, and compliance projects, the diversity of my experience has been the fastest learning platform for me to develop the confidence and skills needed to lead individuals and teams through change in complex and challenging situations.

⚡ I landed the first change management lead role across APAC for Salesforce. While there, I developed a new approach to manage and increase change adoption for Salesforce implementations and implemented this internally and with Salesforce customers across APAC.

⚡ My passion for change capability took me to TAFE NSW to revitalise their approach to change. Where I developed and implemented a customised approach to embed change at TAFE and truly make change stick.

⚡️ Through trial and error, testing and learning, failing and succeeding, I've developed my customised approach to the most practical and effective way to lead end-to-end change on any change project, while building strong stakeholder relationships, achieving change management buy-in and increasing change adoption effortlessly at each step.

⚡ In 2020 I created Delta Mash to put change managers in the driver’s seat with the right change management skills and knowledge to be more confident and empowered to reach their full potential.
Delta Mash is changing the way change management practitioners are supported - to enable them to deliver the most value possible when managing change.

We help change practitioners become magnetic change leaders of confidence and influence. We are building the next generation of hands-on and strategic change managers. 

I've got your back so you can move forward.

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