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Hi, I'm Jane!


As a change management coach & mentor, I am an expert in helping you increase your practical change management skills and confidence. 

I help make complex change methodology and activities easy and straightforward. I help you get unstuck by teaching you not just WHAT you need to do, but exactly WHY and HOW so you feel confident executing and leading change management by yourself again and again.

As an experienced change and transformation practitioner, I've been there and done that working with organisations all across Asia Pacific to implement and lead change. From technology projects to relocations, compliance projects to organisation restructures, I've been there.

I started my career as a solo-change analyst with little to no support. Since then I have been committed to finding the fastest and simplest way to learn change management, and understanding what's required to feel confident leading change at your organisation. 

I have spent the last 5 years coaching and mentoring change practitioners, so I have taken everything I know about learning change management (and what the most important & impactful aspects to learn are) and included that in my Change Manager Accelerator coaching and mentorship program to give change practitioners the exact support they need to be successful.