3 Tips to be MORE people-centric

Jan 29, 2023

One thing we need to do as change practitioners is stop communicating in the wrong way.

People are communicating in a way that is overly theoretical and not people-centric enough.


Today, I'm going to give you three tips on things to think about in your communication to communicate in a much more people-centric way, and I ask you to ask yourself this:

Am I doing or considering these three things consistently:

Number one is language.

Really consider the type of language that you're using.

Remove the overly theoretical methodology, words, impact assessment, jargon, and all that kind of stuff.

And really look at communicating in an inclusive way that uses your stakeholder’s language, not just your own change management language.

Number two, really consider your stakeholders needs.

What are their needs?

Not just our needs as change practitioners, delivery team members or project teams, but what are their needs.

And then you are going to dive into their brain to figure that out.

Number three, meet them where they are.

This is so important, particularly when it comes to being really theoretical, talking about things like ADKAR or other methodologies.

Let's just not start by saying we need to build awareness and desire, blah, blah, blah.

But first, let's understand what their needs are and then meet them where they are.

And then build their plan based on that.

So please use these three tips language, stakeholder needs, and meeting your stakeholders where they are to take a much more people-centric approach to your change and remove the overly theoretical approach that I'm seeing out there a lot at the moment.

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