Fast-track your change management skills, influence and confidence

Learn powerful end-to-end change management skills, the role and responsibilities of a people-centric change manager and gain a practical change toolkit to use immediately.

End-to-End Change Manager Foundations

Certificate Program

Live Online Instructor-Led Training


Practical change practitioner training that speeds up your journey as a change manager 


Grow your skills, influence and confidence to lead end-to-end change and learn what really works


"Loved every second of the course"

- Change Manager, Sydney



Average Score 4.72/5
From current and aspiring change practitioners, and those leading change across the globe



Process and methodology will only get you so far, unless you can lead and influence with confidence

You’ve been struggling with confidence to effectively communicate the change management approach because you just haven't had exposure to a large change project or full end-to-end change management. Or maybe you're second-guessing yourself because you're overdue for a refresh and some new ideas.

You're watching others take on more senior roles, more complex and exciting work and increase their salaries and daily rates. And you’ve started to hear a voice inside saying… maybe I can to.

You want to:

✅ Lead and influence change with confidence to become more effective and valued in your change management role

✅ Gain the knowledge and tools to confidently make calculated decisions about the change approach, back yourself and be seen as a point of authority

✅ Finally learn a proven end-to-end change management approach, grow your ability to determine what change activities should happen when (and why)

✅ Build powerful communication skills to lead change more effectively and bring your team, leaders and stakeholders from A to B.

You're ready to say 'see ya later' to second-guessing yourself and hesitating

You're ready to create a positive people impact, every day.

You’re in the right place if…

You want to fast-track your end-to-end change management skills

When you’re working on a hectic change management project or surviving as a solo change practitioner, improving your skills and approach tends to take a backseat which can impact your confidence.


"There will be no more confusion about where to start, what method to apply, and how you will measure your results. It's all in the course, so don't think about it. Sign up and do it!"  

Kaaren Yandell-Whitaker, Senior Change Analyst, Government

You're looking for a simplified, effective, methodology-agnostic approach that you can easily adapt to your organisation

You've probably done other change courses that focus on theory or are methodology-heavy. This course is not that - it's a crash course in real-world change project delivery with case studies and examples. It's fully interactive, engaging and will help you translate theory into practice. It takes you from strategy to execution with tools you can waltz into work and use immediately.


"Fantastic hands-on course to walk you through a Change process that is practical. Other more branded change courses miss out the practical aspects required. This course gets you ready immediately!"

Change Manager, Banking & Financial Services, Sydney

You’re not sure which approach to take to deliver change on your project & are second-guessing yourself

And even when you think you know the answer and way forward, you’re hesitating, and it's not only impacting your authority but project delivery or change initiative success.


"I completed the two-day E2E CM Foundations Course close to 6 on a Friday evening and was ready to waltz into work to put into practice what I learned. You walk away with a toolkit that you can use immediately and feel more confident in your decisions in the workplace."

Change Manager, Sydney

You’re from AU, NZ, CA, US, GB or internationally 🌎 and you want to learn how to lead change in any industry

It’s tiring to determine what applies to you and what doesn’t. If only there was a roadmap that laid it all out in simple, easy-to-understand language and a clear format.



"This course (and the end to end framework) was a great way for me to consolidate my change management knowledge and skills and get a bird's eye view of how it should all fit together. Jane is an amazing facilitator and really got the most out of our group. Highly recommend!"

Emma Steele, Director of Operational Change, Health

Why does it feel so difficult to get change buy-in?

Let’s be real, leading change is hard. Understanding your stakeholders needs isn’t easy and neither is influencing and moving people from A to B. Not knowing isn’t easy. Struggling to communicate the ‘why’ is hard.

You’re determined to create a positive impact and enhance the employee experience (sustainably for the long term) but you’re struggling to communicate the value of your role, your responsibilities, how to position the change approach to your project team and stakeholders, why certain things need to take place, and ultimately get buy-in for the change, and so much more.

It's an uphill battle.

Even once you find someone you can go to for advice and guidance, you’re still unsure how to back yourself when they’re not around and how to make decisions confidently.

You want to lead change in a way that you feel confident about, but it’s incredibly daunting when you’re second-guessing every strategy you consider and how to convey this to your stakeholders effectively to help them come with the change.

To make matters worse, you're struggling to convey the value of your role because - to be honest - you're a little confused where it starts and stops, and what you should be focusing on

You’re secretly Googling change management terms and change activities and artefacts, and watching YouTube videos, constantly reading LinkedIn, trying to piece together information, and it’s information overload.

And when faced with your stakeholders or project team, you’re hesitating and second-guessing yourself.

You can’t seem to start feeling fully confident to lead and deliver change yourself, and something is getting in the way...

Sound familiar?

Hi I’m Jane 

I’m a change practitioner who delivers end-to-end change with a people-centric approach. I’m a certified executive coach and virtual trainer and the mentor to Change Managers globally.

After being sought out by colleagues time and time again to help mentor them while delivering change, I studied certificates in coaching, strategic negotiation and virtual training and began helping change managers adopt the practical and people-centric skills to lead and execute change effectively.

It makes my heart sing (literally every day) seeing others realise they too can lead and influence change, understand these “complex” activities and strategies so easily and communicate the change to their people more effectively than ever before.

And the best part? Seeing the ripples of positive people impact reverberate across the globe and so many people advancing in their careers ❤️‍🔥

But the truth is, when I first started in change management, I had no clue what I was doing

Even though I had been impacted by large transformations and change projects, and worked as a change champion and user acceptance tester, I knew next to nothing about how to lead organisational change properly. At the start of my journey, I set an impossible goal of learning as much as I could about different change approaches. But I had no roadmap for how to do that. I thought change was just about impact assessments, communications, and training. How wrong was I!

When I tried to plan and execute change like an effective change manager, I was throwing stuff against the wall to see what was stuck, and there was a lot of stuff. I’d spend hours testing and learning, and I've spent years getting exposure to different projects, organisations, senior leadership teams and types of change, only to be rewarded with a lot of learning, but as a change contractor, I had to fully and deeply invest in my own professional development and mentorship (which I did). My strategy at the time was to throw myself into everything, say ‘yes’, and put my hand up to try anything.

You may find yourself still feeling stuck because:

You're missing end-to-end change experience and mentorship

Thousands of change practitioners are stuck because they're waiting to get exposure to an end-to-end change project or struggling without a mentor to finally learn what should happen when (and why) and gain the skills to make decisions more confidently. It’s the age-old saying, ‘We want someone with experience’, but then how do you get that experience? It's that feeling of being stuck because "you don't know what you don't know"

Self-doubt and confidence are holding you back

Learning change will always push your comfort zone to some degree - because that's where growth lives. Our Delta Mash approach teaches change managers how to become more capable of making decisions based on information and calculated hunches. You won’t always know all the answers, but I’m going to teach you how to handle those moments and ask the right questions to get the answers.


The course to fast track your skills, influence and confidence to lead change

End-to-End Change Manager Foundations Certificate Program

A comprehensive 16hr live-online instructor-led program that will help you go from struggling with confusion and hesitating to make decisions, to a confident and knowledgable change manager, from anywhere in the world. Created by change practitioners for change practitioners.

We run 2 x 8hr and 4 x 4hr course options for our global audience

A course trusted by change managers


Average Score 4.72/5

From current and aspiring change practitioners, and those leading change across the globe

The ultimate shortcut.


Designed to give you the practical skills to lead a change project or initiative end-to-end, with a people-centric approach:

🙏 You won't find lots of theory and heavy change management methodology. We reference them where relevant, as the Delta Mash approach and Delta Mash End-to-End Change Management Framework is designed to adapt to any methodology or delivery style, such as Prosci or McKinsey, or waterfall or Agile delivery.

💪 Instead, you'll get a look into real-world, end-to-end change delivery, and unlock vital lessons about what really works.

💪You'll learn how to determine change complexity with the simple and effective Change Complexity Formula and how to align change activities to the project schedule.

💪You'll also get to practice foundation-level end-to-end change management in a simulated environment with a case study and access to years of lessons, trial and error and what works condensed within 16-hours of transformational learning 


This course is perfect if you want to:

Fast-track your change management skills and confidence to become more effective and capable as a change manager

✅ Create a change network for yourself – maybe you’re lonely out there, a solo change manager, have little support or are new to change

✅ Get a real sense of the change manager role - responsibilities, expected deliverables and activities required 

✅ Learn expert skills in the practical application of change framework in different scenarios/projects

Increase your confidence and communicate more effectively as a point of authority

✅ Become more confident in delivering the strategy component of change

✅ Learn a wholistic view of what end-to-end change management delivery includes with a proven framework and methodology that you can apply yourself

✅ Become more confident day-to-day and fee like you have the knowledge and skills to handle anything

Reframe the language you use around Change Management activities and tools to be more people-centric and tailor your approach to your stakeholders

✅ Increase your change toolkit by adding more tools to your toolbox with new practical and pragmatic tools, techniques and strategies

✅ Hear all the stories, lessons, from your instructor and peers of why things didn’t work and what to do to overcome roadblocks and challenges so you can avoid the mistakes and speed up your journey

What can I expect from this course


✨ E2E Change Manager Foundations Certificate Program is a live online engaging, interactive, instructor-led virtual training program that introduces the practical and pragmatic End-to-End Change Framework to change practitioners who want to skyrocket their effectiveness and impact when delivering and leading organisational change.

👩‍💻 Whether you’re brand new to change management or an experienced change practitioner and ready to grow, E2E CM Foundations Program will challenge you to deliver change in a pragmatic and practical way. It’s designed to turn you into a dynamic people-centric change manager who can lead with confidence and help others come with the change.

💪 Gain hands-on experience through interactive exercises taught by a trainer with over 10+ years of industry experience. Walk away with knowledge, tools and techniques to implement immediately. Once you complete the course, you will have everything you need to take and pass the E2E CMF online assessment to attain your digital certificate badge.

Training Details

All Delta Mash courses follow key learning objectives to ensure you receive an exceptional training experience. 

Course Summary

  • Change management fundamentals and how to operate within an ambiguous and complex environment.
  • Explore the roles, artefacts and activities of the Delta Mash End-to-End Change Management Framework.
  • Identify and utilise change insights to inform your change approach.
  • Understand resistance to change and strategies for managing resistance.
  • How to leverage the role of leaders in driving and supporting change.
  • Understand strategies to build relationships to create an environment for collaboration, high engagement and to drive change buy-in.
  • Real change management project examples from an instructor with 10+ years of experience.

Who should attend?

No matter your level of change management experience, we encourage and welcome anyone to attend Delta Mash's End-to-End Change Manager Foundations Certificate Program.

The course is designed for change managers with 0-5 years change experience. However, many senior practitioners and change agents attend for a refresher and new ideas. 

Training Takeaways

  • A virtual immersive learning experience facilitated by a highly respected Delta Mash Trainer.
  • Lifetime access to supporting course material.
  • Foundations Toolkit* (templates and resources).
  • Registration for the E2E CM Foundations online assessment.

*The Foundations Toolkit may be used as a Change Plan template.

What's included in the course

Enrolments are closed until later in 2024


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Average Score 4.72/5
From current and aspiring change practitioners, and those leading change across the globe

14 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

We do not guarantee you a change management role or salary increase by taking this course. What you make in your career is entirely up to how much you apply the learnings and the effort you put in.

However, we believe wholeheartedly that End-to-End Change Manage Foundations Certificate Program is going to increase your confidence to lead change by providing you with techniques, new ideas and a toolkit to use immediately, so we're offering you a 14-day money-back guarantee.

This means that if you are unsatisfied with the course, you will have 14 days from course completion to notify us via email at [email protected], and our support team will process the refund immediately.

Compare to other change management courses 


Features & Benefits

End-to-End Change Manager Foundations Certificate Program

Other change management courses

Engaging, interactive and fun live online instructor-led



Skills based methodology agnostic end-to-end change management delivery approach



Change Manager role and responsibilities for real-world project delivery



People-centric approach and language



Includes Foundation Toolkit to use immediately



Change manager's mindset and values



Technical Demonstrations e.g. Change Impact Assessment



Application of Framework against case study and examples



War stories, real-world application of end-to-end change framework



Mistakes and what to avoid from an instructor still delivering change projects



Brainstorm resistance management techniques for real-world scenarios




This is the ultimate course to guide you through understanding end-to-end change management and the role and responsibilities of a change manager. 

We give you real-world change management techniques, tools and strategies so you can fast-track your learning and increase your confidence to lead change.


But don't just take our word for it

Let’s hear from some of our past students…



Average Score 4.72/5

From current and aspiring change practitioners, and those leading change across the globe

Kaaren Yandell-Whitaker,

Senior Change Analyst, Government


Love this course!! Participating in this amazing course was the best decision I have made thus far in my change journey. Jane was so clear in her explanation and taught the process from a practical and real-world perspective—one that you can immediately apply when you have completed it. There will be no more confusion about where to start, what method to apply, and how you will measure your results. It's all in the course, so don't think about it. Sign up and do it!

Emma Steele

Director of Operational Change, Health


This course (and the end to end framework) was a great way for me to consolidate my change management knowledge and skills and get a bird's eye view of how it should all fit together. Jane is an amazing facilitator and really got the most out of our group. Highly recommend!


If you are considering completing this course please let this be your sign to go for it! I wish I had done this course earlier. It's provided me with real world knowledge that I am already applying to my role one day after completing the course! It's helped me build my confidence in building relationships with stakeholders and identify gaps where I can improve my approach to managing change. Thank you so much Jane for building such an incredible course!

Change Manager, Banking & Financial Services, Melbourne


Fantastic hands-on course to walk you through a Change process that is practical. Other more branded change courses miss out the practical aspects required. This course gets you ready immediately!

Change Manager, Banking & Financial Services, Sydney


Thank you so much for a great course. The change on a page is brilliant and my Head of Technology has asked for it to be included in our project framework for use in all our technology projects! Thanks for helping me shine!

Change Manager, Adelaide


Whether you are considering a role in change or have been a Change practitioner for years, you will benefit from this course! This course improved my confidence in how to work with stakeholders and effectively use change tools. It was a fun and resourceful 2-day course, and I recommend this to anyone who wants to consolidate their change understanding and learn practical ways to improve their role.

Change Manager, Government & Defence, Sydney


An insightful, practical course with a framework that you can use immediately when delivering change on a project. A very good balance of online content, learnings and practical applications. A must for anyone who is a change manager or interested in becoming one. Thanks Jane!

Change Manager, Science & Technology, Sydney


Great facilitators. Awesome framework to work with and comes with supported tools. Strongly recommend.

Change Manager, Sydney


This is a perfect course, whether you’re brand new to change, have a number of change projects under your belt, or curious about pivoting your career to change management. The facilitators are excellent, bringing high energy and deep knowledge of change frameworks and practice. You’ll come away from this course with new ideas, a sound understanding of the change process and a suite of practical tools and methods you can use right away.

Workplace Strategy and Change Consultant, Melbourne


Thank you for offering an interactive and practical course missing in the change management world!

Change Manager, Sydney


Loved the energy and content of the course. Highly recommended for change management practitioners!

Analyst, Sydney


Delta Mash takes a very thoughtful and structured approach to change management training, ensuring you feel empowered along the way!

Consultant, United States


If you are new to change I'd recommend you do this course first. Great insights from theory and great discussions using real-life issues.

Senior Change Manager, Melbourne


I completed the two-day E2E CM Foundations Course close to 6 on a Friday evening and was ready to waltz into work to put into practice what I learned. The number of participants in the course was just the right size to engage with as a team, and the lessons were fun and interactive. The facilitators were experienced and helpful and welcomed all questions. Jane intended the course to be practical and pragmatic and mission accomplished; it was. You walk away with a toolkit that you can use immediately and feel more confident in your decisions in the workplace.

Change Manager, Sydney


I found this course extremely helpful and valuable to me as a Change Manager. The info and tools provided were so practical and useful. Everything was explained in a way that was easy to understand with real-life examples. The course was online but was designed in a way that was so interactive and there was plenty of opportunity to collaborate with other learners. Jane was full of energy and was happy to answer any questions or make herself available after the course. Jane kept me engaged the whole time, frequent breaks were provided to grab a coffee and stretch our legs which really helped us to be focused when we needed to be. Highly recommend this course to anyone already in the change space or wanting to branch into it :)

Change Manager, Adelaide


Thank you so much Jane for creating and facilitating such a practical & interactive course! The hands-on learning and group discussions were invaluable as well as the opportunity to get an over of the whole change process rather than small snippets of various areas! Loved the templates and the simplicity of these - I can really see myself making use of these straight away! Really enjoyed your delivery style and look forward to attending some of your other courses too. Thanks so much.

Change Lead, Perth


I love that this course truly caters to every experience level. It's tough finding something to suit new to change roles, I'd recommend this course to anyone interested in building change capability.

Team Manager, Government & Defence Christchurch


Loved every second of the course

Change Manager, Sydney


Jane is a terrific engaging facilitator. The course was interactive, interesting, challenging and very generous with practical terrific tools and resources. Thanks Delta Mash!

Principal, Melbourne

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Important Information


You will be sent specific instructions regarding the course onboarding process in the week leading up to the course.

What Next?

1. You will receive an email confirmation of your booking from Delta Mash after you complete your payment.

2. One week prior to the course you will receive detailed course onboarding instructions via email

(please check the email you used to register for the course).

3. Complete all the activities and technology checks outlined in the email prior to the course commencing.

4. Attend your course, pass your online assessment to attain your E2E CM Foundations certificate and take your career to the next level!

After the Course

Once you become a Delta Mash End-to-End Foundations Change Manager, you will:

Receive your Delta Mash Badge

Celebrate your achievement by sharing your digital credential badge on LinkedIn, on your resume and on social media.


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