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Learn about the Delta Mash End-to-End Change Management Framework here

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Delta Mash End-to-End Change Management Framework

Practical advice to level up your end-to-end change management strategy to create a positive impact

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Free Change Management Templates

Detailed Change Impact Assessment Template

Change Impact Assessment Template for completing detailed change impact analysis. Conduct your people, process and technology change management analysis with our proven template! 

Change on a Page Template

Change on a Page template to complete a change summary for your change management project. Use this change management template as your change canvas template!

Change Roadmap

Document your change roadmap with this change roadmap template to highlight your change management activity timeline for your key change management activities

View more change management templates here

Free Change Management Guides and Tools

Top 9 Digital Tools for Change Managers

To help you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology, check out the top 9 digital tools that will support you in your change management journey.

How To Hold Effective 1:1s With Your Manager

Learn how to establish clear and transparent communication to help your manager support you and achieve better outcomes

McKinsey Four Building Blocks of Change Fact Sheet

An overview of the McKinsey Influence Model which is used to drive behaviour change and works with the Delta Mash End-to-End Change Framework

Empathy Mapping Exercise

Understand what you stakeholders are thinking, feeling and seeing about your change

The Ultimate Guide To Increasing Change Management Adoption

The ultimate Adoption Blueprint. 33+ free strategies to plan, grow, track and measure change adoption

Change Vision Cheat Sheet

How to create a change vision statement in 7 steps

3 Strategies To Build A Strong Change Sponsor Relationship

Never managed a change SPONSOR before? READ THIS before you take on a sponsor

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