Thinking of a Career in Change Management?

change management change management career change manager Jun 24, 2021

Change management is a fascinating field - the art and science of how people respond and adapt to change within organisations.

It’s easy to see the organisation as key here. After all, businesses of every size use change management as a strategic way to boost performance and profit. But it’s people who drive organisations, and people who ultimately determine whether transformation succeeds. 

Change management offers huge career potential to the right candidates – those who thrive on human interaction and understand what makes others tick. The right person relating to the right people will go far!

So, are you made of the right stuff? How do you get on in this challenging field? 

Key points

  • The ultimate change managers have some clear qualities
  • Put the peddle to the meddle, do you measure up?

Who are you, really? 

Successful change managers know who they are. They also know their limitations, boundaries and vulnerabilities. The ultimate change managers are:




When the going gets tough, change professionals get strategic. Resilience is your middle name. You take whatever life, organisations and people throw at you. You persist in the face of the stiffest resistance, still managing to breathe deep and smile. You love change, even when your clients don’t. When all about you are reeling, you are the strong heart which keeps on beating, solving problems, always finding a way forward. You stay the course.




Change is a two-way street. You can’t just tell someone how it’s done, then leave them to get on with it. You must converse, explain, persuade. People are often terrified of change, not understanding their place in a world which seems to be disintegrating around them. They need a firm, friendly, guiding hand rather than a cold set of instructions. Compassion is required. Empathy is compulsory. A genuine interest in human challenges will build a career as well as a transformation.




Think you know everything? The best change managers understand precisely how much they still have to learn. They strive for a perfect balance - between confidence in their considerable abilities and humility about what others continue to teach them. How have the changes in your own life moulded and changed you? Understand that and you understand the real nature of organisational change. It’s a complex, sophisticated and beautiful thing when truly in motion. Open your mind and excel as a change manager.




Control freaks are not good changers. Business transformation demands a leader who can identify and engage the strengths of every team member – then stand back to let them shine. Want to take all the credit? This isn’t the gig for you. Change managers are true facilitators, both leader and part of the team. They enjoy seeing others succeed. If you know when to take the stage and when to walk away – you’ve nailed it. 



Don’t just learn about it – create it. It’s not enough to enjoy reading about human behaviour. You need to be the one who makes strategic changes happen. Can you really step up? Master, creator, educator – it’s all down to you. Change managers put themselves out there as genuine agents of change. Shrinking violets need not apply. 

Mentor, coach, guide

As a change manager myself, I know that Australian businesses are looking for new, more affordable and dynamic ways to achieve lasting change. My mission is to provide practical and accessible help, including one-on-one career coaching for the next generation of change managers. 

Let me be your mentor, coach and guide. Delta Mash can help you level up and advance in your change management career. Reach out for a confidential discussion at [email protected]



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Hello, I'm Jane Waterson

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Why am I heading down this path? I’ve been there. In 2014 I commenced by first change analyst role, but when I went hunting to learn more and hone my skills, what did I find? Zero on-demand support.

Through trial and error, testing and learning, I worked my way up to leading change management teams for national transformation projects, and I have been fortunate enough to have worked globally and manage complex change across finance, education, infrastructure, technology, health, media, energy and resources. And I’m here to share all of my experience with you.

So, have you been searching for more information and support when it comes to managing change?

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Or maybe you are gearing up for a big change or transformation project, or you’re even partway through, and just feel stuck.

So if you are ready to step into your true self, and build your confidence with a paycheck to boot. 

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