3 Tips to Define the Change Vision

Feb 16, 2023

Figuring out the vision for the change is the first step in helping your people come with the change.

If we don't spend enough time defining and communicating the vision, we are not starting on the right foot with our people.

If we (change or project people) are feeling uncertain, guarantee the other people in our organisation or external stakeholders are feeling uncertain too. They will 100% be vibing off our project team vibe.

To answer your question - yes, the change vision is different to the vision you read in the business case - the business case 'vision' is generally not written in a way that is people-centric and encourages people to come with the change.

Now, it's okay if you don't fully know what the change vision is right now. The exciting thing is that it's our job to wade through any murky water guide our team in creating a strong, people-centric change vision to anchor the change.

Here's how you can wade through any unknown to make the vision much more known and clear:

Actively go and ask, uncover, enquire, research:

⭐ Where were we before

⭐ Where exactly are we now (in terms of the change)

⭐ Where are we going

⭐ And why.

Closing these gaps will not only help clarify the overall change vision...

...but will help align project people, change people and the people of the organisation, and remedy or highlight any unknowns that need to be resolved.

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